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Journey Through the Years

Updated: May 3, 2021

In 2013

Wide-eyed and ecstatic, I left

Full of hopes and full of dreams

And towards my new future I leapt

In 2014

Lonely and confused, I cried

Depression visited and refused to leave

And trust me when I say I tried

In 2015

Hesitant and surprised, I fell in love

It was great, then it was gone

And as before, I was forced to rise above

In 2016

Cynical and discouraged, I escaped

In many ways I abandoned myself

And my constantly ached

In 2017

Renewed and lifted up, I graduated

Reality hit like a wave

And I had to evaluate where I was situated

In 2018

Worried and unprepared, I fell sick

Many a time tears brimmed as I asked why

And this, above all, made my skin grow thick

In 2019

Numb and confused, I wandered

Doubts, fears and insecurities haunted me

And in my walk I often fell and often faltered

In 2020

Humbled and excited, I'll wait

As God shows me his ways

And continues to say that all that's to come will be great

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